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DeSoto has a new Interim City Manager, Isom Cameron

Isom Cameron, who has served as the City of DeSoto’s Deputy City Manager since 2019, has become DeSoto’s Interim City Manager. Cameron was selected by the DeSoto City Council at their November 6th Special Meeting to replace City Manager Brandon Wright on an interim basis when Wright left on December 8th to become the Village Manager of Trophy Club. Cameron will serve as Interim City Manager until a permanent replacement can be found.


Isom Cameron has served the City of DeSoto for the past 16 years and has more than 30 years of total experience in municipal government operations.


“The City Council has worked closely with Isom and is well aware of his leadership abilities and his dedication to getting the job done right,” said Rachel L. Proctor, Mayor of the City of DeSoto. “We are confident that he will do a great job as DeSoto’s Interim City Manager and are appreciative of his willingness to take on this important challenge.”


Throughout his tenure as DeSoto’s Deputy City Manager, Isom had oversight for various City Departments including Public Utilities, Development Services, Parks and Recreation, IT, Library Services, as well as Environmental Health, Solid Waste Contractual Services, Regional CARE Team and numerous special projects. He also served as the City Manager’s liaison to the Fire Department, Southwest Regional Communications Center, and the Municipal Court system.


“I look forward to serving as DeSoto’s Interim City Manager and will work hard to ensure that there is no pause in the progress that we have been making to boost the quality of life and improve opportunities for our residents and our businesses.” Cameron added, “I am most appreciative of the confidence that the City Council has shown toward me and will do my best to deliver our services efficiently, implement our programs effectively, and to keep us moving forward.”


Cameron served as the City of DeSoto’s Director of Public Utilities from 2010 to 2019 and was Water Superintendent from 2007 to 2010. Before joining DeSoto, Cameron spent 15 years with the City of Jackson, Mississippi in various capacities, including 6 years as Jackson’s Water Plant Operations Manager.


Isom earned his Bachelor of Business Administration Degree from Jackson State University and a Master of Business Administration Degree from the Richard DeVos School of Management at Northwood University. He is also a graduate of the National Forum for Black Public Administrators Executive Leadership Institute.


You can view the announcement of Isom Cameron’s selection as DeSoto’s Interim City Manager at the conclusion of the November 6th Special City Council Meeting’s Executive Session on our Facebook Page. It is at 1:39:00 into the tape.

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01/15/2024 - 30th Annual MLK Grande Parade

The MLK Grande Parade-2024 will be held on January 15, 2024 in Midtown originating on San Jacinto street & Elgin Street beginning @ 10A (CST). Watch live on the CW or to learn more log on to

Desoto City Council discuss approved amended minutes with or without corrections

DESOTO – The DeSoto City Council took over 20 minutes at DeSoto’s council meeting Tuesday to decide whether to approve or not to approve 25 regular and special meeting minutes that went back as far as March 2021 up to November 2023.

Place 2 Pierette Parker had the 25 items on the consent agenda pulled for discussion, saying, “The reason I pulled the minutes is that there are corrections that need to be made; there are errors. Earlier in our communication about this, it was said this is an uncomfortable time. I hate to say it, but being uncomfortable sometimes is necessary for us to get to where we need to be. I want to make sure I caution the council that when we are talking about the minutes, the minutes are an official record of the board or council’s actions. We are actually approving minutes that have corrections that are needed. I believe they need to be removed so they can be reviewed and should be reviewed at least twice before they come before the council.”

Parker cited the importance of transparency, adding, “It helps when people can pull minutes and understand what took place at a city council meeting, and if I have to stand alone on that, I will stand alone on that, but I will continue to say that minutes should be cohesive, they should be concise and when there are errors they need to be corrected.”

Place 6 Crystal Chism identified herself as the councilmember who said it was uncomfortable, stating, “It is uncomfortable because we have five, four, three employees, and after managing people for 15 years, I think you become a little bit human in the respect of (not needing to coach and develop on a dais). Those things can happen outside of meetings like this. I agree these minutes need to be correct for anyone viewing.  I equally agree that they need to be consistent. I am asking that we don’t continue to antagonize our city secretary during our meetings regarding it. We are open to having meetings with any of our employees at any time that we would like to and if there is a standard way that we have never established. If there is a standard way that we want this to happen, then let’s do it outside this dais and get it right so that the efforts that are going into making this continue to happen. We are also not saying how the city secretary’s office has not had staffing … properly staffed since I have been on this council. She has not had the staffing she needed for almost three years. We need to have this conversation, yes, but there needs to be a balance, and we need to offer some grace and probably just come out of this meeting so it doesn’t look like we are grandstanding or trying to put the city secretary’s office on Front Street.”

After Chism’s comment, Place 5, Dinah Marks added, “I do agree if there are corrections that need to be made. I also think if there is a certain way, and all minutes will be different because all subjects are different, but a lot of them are the same. Someone mentioned creating a template, and I think at this point, what needs to happen is that since some of us have concerns about what is on the minutes and how it is written, maybe we could create that ad hoc committee. As far as what we have before us, we can pull it and make the corrections, but as we move forward, to make sure we have something in place so that she can have a guideline as to what to follow so we won’t have to keep spinning our wheels on this particular item.”

Marks then motioned to remove the minutes from the consent agenda, create the ad hoc committee, make the corrections, and bring it back. She added she specifically saw a mistake because she was listed as absent, but she was absent only when the roll was called. She came in later and was at the rest of the meeting.

Mayor Rachel Proctor added, “I am personally not in favor of micromanaging staff. In terms of this, I sit on numerous boards and have sat on this council since 2013. Anytime there have be

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DeSoto Police Seek Information Concerning Whereabouts of 27-Year-Old Woman

Desoto Police are investigating a missing persons case involving 27-year-old Arlington Resident Amber Garcia and are seeking the public’s help in locating her.
Ms. Garcia was briefly taken into custody in DeSoto for a misdemeanor on the morning of December 1st and released later that day.

Amber Garcia’s mother, Dalila Correa, said she began receiving phone calls and text messages two days later on December 3rd indicating that her daughter was being held for ransom. Though Correa contacted Arlington Police to report the alleged ransom requests, the case ended up with DeSoto Police because that was the location of her daughter’s last known whereabouts.

Dalila Correa contacted DeSoto Police about her daughter Amber just before Noon on December 5th and they immediately opened a missing person investigation. A current photo and description of Amber Garcia are provided below and ask anyone with information concerning her whereabouts to contact DeSoto Police via DeSoto’s non-emergency number at 972-223-6111.

Amber Garcia
Hispanic female
5’5” 115lbs

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