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The Chamber Rebrands
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The Chamber Rebrands

The DeSoto Chamber of Commerce has taken a fresh look at its image and presence in the community. Though there are many successes upon which it can build, the leaders believe that a fresh new look and new focus towards the business community is in order.  This rebranding effort will bring together forward thinking strategies to make the DeSoto area an environment conducive for economic growth and prosperity.

Making the Chamber SNASI

The rebranding process began with a hard look at who the chamber is and what we should be doing. As a results, it has defined a five-point SNASI strategy: Stimulate, Network, Advocate, Support and Inform. The overarching goal of the Chamber is to stimulate the economy. By networking with corporate, public, community and individual partners, we are able to open, identify and promote opportunities for business exchanges that increase the value of DeSoto area living for its constituents. To that aim, we advocate for the concerns of our business community through civic engagement, public policy development and "showing up" for our voice to be heard. We support businesses (large or small) by providing them with resources to stabilize and enhance their operations. All this we do while keeping all of our partners informed on matters affecting their well being and the well being of the people who make up these great cities.

Membership Has Its Privileges

The chamber is increasing its value to the membership by expanding its offerings. It is creating partnerships with companies that provide additional discounted services and products that are needed to bolster business success. From the administrative operations to the strategic planning, the chamber wants to be the "go-to" organization for our members. It believes that its strength is in its membership.

The staff and board of directors of the chamber are committed to working collaboratively with its members and strategic partners. It engages the wealth of resources provided by its membership to accomplish our SNASI mission and purpose. It mobilizes those members to create committees that focus on specific areas of growth for our economy, providing opportunities for the business community to heal itself from withing.

It's All For You

The chamber is rebranding so that we can become a force in the DeSoto area for the business community. It needs you to complete the picture. Whether you are a large corporation, public/governmental organization, small business, concerned individual or anything in between, you have a place at the DeSoto Area Chamber of Commerce. Join us! Let's make this area the greatest place to live, play, work and grow..

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