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DDC's Spring Franchise Interest Meeting

Last week, the DeSoto Development Corporation hosted their Spring Franchise Interest Meeting where local serial franchisees from Smoothie King and Marco's Pizza showcased their journey and remarkable success stories, highlighting the DeSoto’s promising potential! A massive thank you to our consultants, attorneys, and franchise recruiters for their invaluable expertise in navigating this exciting journey and sharing insightful guidance for those pursuing these entrepreneurial endeavors. Carlos White, Sara Waskow, Jonathan Massey. Thanks to Texas Capital Bank and the Small Business Administration (SBA) for sharing key information on accessing capital opportunities to fund these franchise dreams.

From the Chairperson's Desk

Eugene Walker

Let me start out by expressing my gratitude to each and every member. Your continued support of and patience with us during these times of transition constantly remind us of the caliber of business leaders we serve. You are the reason we work so hard to create a Chamber of Commerce that is the envy of Chambers everywhere.

Your support is needed now more than ever. We are taking a look at our operations and evaluating whether or not they are meeting your needs. We don't want to assume how you feel, we need to hear from you. Over the next two months, we will conduct an online survey to get your feedback. Please participate.

In addition, our Ambassadors will be calling on you for a visit. Along with getting face-to-face feedback, we want to make sure you are accessing all of the features your membership provides. They can help you with that.

But, you don't have to wait for us to tell us what you think about the work we are doing. If you have critiques or praises, we want to hear them. Send us an email at Your voice matters to us.

We cherish your continued support and commitment to this Chamber.

Yours in service,
Eugene Walker
Chairperson, Board of Directors

Announcing the DDC, DAC and DEC Partnership

The DeSoto Development Corporation has partnered with the DeSoto Area Chamber of Commerce and The DEC Network to offer comprehensive services for small businesses in all growth stages, from ideation to scaling. Bill Chinn, CEO of The DEC Network said, “The DEC Network is really excited to work with our partners in DeSoto. This combination is truly a one plus one is three.”

Brunchaholics in DeSoto gets the Keith Lee stamp of Approval

A gargantuan burrito loaded with fried catfish, mac-n-cheese and collard greens caught the attention of TikTok food critic Keith Lee while he was in Dallas recently as part of his national food tour. Lee, a Las Vegas local who orders takeout anonymously and rates each dish on a scale of 1 to 10, paid a visit to Brunchaholics in DeSoto to try its famous Soul Food Burrito.

Author: Claire Ballor
Published By: Dallas Morning News, Feb 5, 2024
Photo By: Daniel Carde